Tips to Shop For Clothing Gifts

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Tips to Shop For Clothing Gifts

Clothing is one of the most popular options when buying a holiday gift, especially since is there a wide variety and great deals to be had. It can be tricky to choose the right item, but with a few tips and thoughtful planning, you can be sure that your gift will be loved, and the recipient will wear it repeatedly.

Be Style Conscious

When deciding what to gift, consider the personal style of the recipient. Do they love loose clothing that flows beautifully? Have they mentioned trying something new? Does the recipient play it safe with classic cuts and styles or do they like to be wild and spontaneous? What colors do they gravitate to and can you coordinate something different into their wardrobe that would still suit them? Be vigilant and pay attention to their style and you will be sure to delight them with something they will love.

Think, Feel, See

Be observant, does your loved one wear lots of florals? Are they often seen in workout gear, denim or do they love trendy looks? Pay attention to colors that flatter and most importantly colors that the recipient loves. Would you put your grandmother in a low-cut dress or your sister in a mumu? Fabric, cut and color are very important. It is also good to remember that classics never go out of style and that beautifully made basics will always be appreciated.


Wants or Needs

We all know that everyone can use socks or a nice robe. But do we go with something the recipient wants or what they need? Pick up clues from conversation. Being observant has so many benefits, and gift giving clues are just one of them. How many times has your better half mentioned a great pair of embellished pajamas or lamenting over the need for a new overcoat? Has Your daughter been saving for a new pair of embellished jeans or have you noticed she has worn out her favorite sneakers?  That is the decision of want and need. Either way you can make sure they get something that makes them happy and looks great with just a little observation and patience.


One Fabulous Piece or The Whole Outfit

Quantity is not necessarily more important than quality. Have you considered a whole outfit? Or perhaps just a beautiful pair of embellished sneakers or a gorgeous updated classic denim jacket? Price is almost always a factor in gift giving even if it is only to say, “Price is no object.” When deciding what route to take, consider the nature of the outfit. Is the ensemble for a night out on the town or for a ski trip? Pick a route, know your recipient and create the perfect gift.

Size Is Everything

Finally, find out the right size. You may have to enlist a bit of help, sneak a peek at tags and ask a few sly questions, but being the thoughtful gift giver, you are, taking the time to make sure your gift will fit will put you over the top as being a great prize yourself. Make sure to include a gift receipt and when in doubt it is the thought that counts.


Happy Holidays from Crazily Fashion, where you are sure to find the perfect gift.


Sending you Crazily Love,

The CF Girl xoxoxoxo

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