Not Your Mama's Lounge-Wear

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Not Your Mama's Lounge-Wear

Crazily Fashion Lounge-Wear is perfect for any casual occassion.


Lounge-wear is the new weekend chic. Your downtime should be relaxing, and your casual wardrobe should be effortless without loosing your personal style.

The lounge-wear of today is not what your mom wore when running to the grocery store in her curlers on a Saturday morning. Today’s lounge-wear is a personal style statement. It says you are comfortable in your skin, you are on the go and you do it with panache.


What is the difference between Lounge-wear and Pajamas?

Lounge-wear, unlike pajamas are stylish and versatile. Lounge-wear is perfect anytime of the year. Unlike sleepwear that is loose and unflattering, lounge-wear is body conscious and sexy. Styles range from trendy asymmetrical cuts and classic cotton wardrobe staples to retro styles detailed with distressed designs and embellishments that will make you a style star.

Lounge-wear is the perfect style option for entertaining at home, running errands or even a Sunday brunch with the girls. The perfect test to understand the difference between pajamas and lounge-wear is the Doorbell test. Do you panic when the doorbell rings, wondering if you look put together, no matter who is on the other side of the door? Lounge-wear from Crazily Fashion will never leave you in a panic.

 Crazily Fashion Lounge-Wear is perfect for Weekend Brunch With The Girls.

Lounge-Wear Chic

Styling lounge-wear brings a whole new avenue for casual dressing options. Pair them with a cute pair of flats and casual jacket for a great layered fall to winter look that is perfect for everything from hosting a weekend get together with friends or a weekend trip to the Happiest Place on Earth with the family.

Lounge-wear comes in a wide array of prints, colors and fabrics. It can be dressed up or down as simply and effortlessly as pairing your lounge-wear with cute flats, fun sneakers or warm casual boots.

Crazily Fashion Lounge-Wear can be dressed up for a great casual club look.

Many of the new lounge-wear styles are even perfect for a casual club look when paired with sexy, heeled sneakers and great jewelry. For an elevated day look coordinate lounge-wear with a classic pair of white sneakers, a great leather jacket and matching leather backpack for a casual look that makes you look effortless and put together.

Crazily Fashion carries a wide variety of lounge-wear from sassy to cute and all accessories you need to create an envy worthy weekend wardrobe.


Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You,


The CF Girl

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