Dressing for Holiday Festivities

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Dressing for Holiday Festivities

Dressing for the holidays can often be confusing. Festive Casual, Company Office Party, Casual Cocktail, Festive Casual. What does it all mean?

Well, CF Girls, we have your holiday dressing cheat sheet and all the fun and sparkly wardrobe pieces you could possibly need. Keep to these simple rules and you will always be well dressed and ready for anything!

Chic Crib Notes

Cocktail Cocktail attire is glamorous without the formal gowns. That fabulous LBD you have in the closet and a pair of sparkly and strappy heels will never steer you wrong.

Festive Casual attire still means "dress to impress." You have a little wiggle room, so let your personal style shine through but keep it fabulous.

Dressy Casual can be confused with jeans and a casual top, when, in fact, you should choose from dresses, pant suits or a skirt-suit. Depending on the situation, Dressy casual can at times be an opportunity for those amazing embellished jeans, an elegant blouse and some fantastic heels. Be sure to always keep it slightly conservative, its not a Vegas weekend with the girls.

Casual is an evening out with friends. A pair of fun skinny jeans, sweaters and fun embellished tops and maybe a pair of boots are always chic for a night out with friends.

Pearls and Shimmery Ribbon detailed Platform Sneakers

Fashion Rules That Never Go Out of Style

  • Clothes should always be in good repair.
  • Never wear anything to provocative to the office party.
  • Don’t over do it on the accessories.
  • Never wear more than one embellished piece of clothing.
  • It’s better to be over dressed than under dressed when unsure about the attire.
  • Less is more when it comes to makeup and scent.
  • When you have nothing to wear, wear black.
  • Confidence is beautiful

Your personal style should always shine through, no matter the occasion. Crazily Fashion has a treasure trove of great embellished wardrobe pieces that will help you show your personal style and keep all eyes on you. From delightful dresses and lounge wear to embellished jeans that will make you the envy of everyone at the party.

Happy Dressing,

Xoxoxo, The CF Girl

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