A Woman's Power Through Consumerism

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A Woman's Power Through Consumerism

Fashion Is Power


Womens rights are as much a hot topic now as it was during the suffragette movement. Now, just as in 1911, women hold great sway through purchasing power. Advertisements were placed encouraging women to shop female owned businesses and businesses that supported women with a living wage.

On June 17, 1911, suffragettes and their supporters marched during King George V’s coronation procession. Women were asked to wear white in solidarity and to represent purity and to not patronize shops that did not post advertising supporting their movement. Advertisers used this to their advantage, showing the latest in dresses and undergarments and accessories in advertisements that supported women’s right and in turn, women showed their buying power by electing to only patronize establishments that supported them.

The result was a march that stretched for 7 miles, with 60,000 women turned out in the fashions of the day, it was one of the greatest shows of solidarity for and by women at that point in history.

Today, while some may see fashion as frivolous, it still stands as a form of great power when showing solidarity for many causes, as well as showing power through consumerism. Fashion stands as a form of expression, rebellion, passion and strength.

Fashion has been used to change views, encourage thought and as a political statement. During the suffragette movement for a women's right to vote, women wore white. In 2017 women and even some men wore pink hats in solidarity for not only women's rights, but for equal rights for all.

It is now 2018 ladies and you have an opportunity to path the path for future generations. The pink hat, the reintroduction of the suffragette colors(Purple for loyalty and dignity, white for purity and green for hope), shopping designers and shops that support social messages you believe in and avoiding those places that do not. You may be one voice, but when all those voices join together we create a roar that can be heard across the globe.

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